A Little Bit Of Dramatis Personae

So hey! I finally got some characters worked up for my nanowrimo project. Names are still up in the air, but the basic characters should stay more or less the same.

Katherine Bishop: A middle aged woman whose grandparents emigrated from the old world. They stayed in the more established cities on the coast until Katherine’s father brought his family out to the frontier. With her brothers firmly in control of the family estate she decided to go out on her own and join the Arbiters. She’s proven herself capable in her assigned territory, which includes a number of frontier towns that border the Badlands. She’s had a couple of run-ins with the Gargoyles – experiences she doesn’t care to repeat. If she can keep idiot settlers from riling up the ‘goyles, she will.

Lonesome Cooper: A spirit talker from one of the frontier towns. Although he’s self taught he’s one of the few that can do what he does out there on the edge. As a result he doesn’t want for work, and towns are always glad to see him as he travels from one to another. He could probably cash in on his ability more than he does, but Lonesome is an apt name. He’ll gladly work those jobs that are needed and help when asked, but otherwise he prefers to keep to himself and enjoy the company of the spirits over humans. He’s worked with Bishop a number of times, and the two have a good working relationship. Rumor has it he wanders out into the Badlands from time to time to talk to the ‘goyles, but nobody knows for sure what he does out there.

Walter Hawkins: Mr. Hawkins works for Haversham & Black, a company that seems to have their fingers in a lot of pies out in the new world. Railroads, for one. They’ve invested in rail lines that run all along the coast, and recently they’ve started pushing those same lines out into the frontier. Convenient, since it was an H&B expedition that just came back from the Badlands and loaded up on a train back to civilization. Hawkins is a clean cut, well dressed, younger man who met with the expedition from the Badlands and took possession of the mysterious lockbox. He wasn’t alone in this task, but he’s the only one left alive after the bandits attacked the train. He doesn’t give a damn about the Gargoyles – he wants that lockbox back and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Clayton Wells: Despite some youthful indiscretions, Clayton is mostly a good guy. He worked as a ranch hand for a local outfit until the old man who owned it died. Now the ranch has folded and he’s out of work. Desperate for something that pays he started hanging out with some old friends. When those friends offered to get him in on a train robbery for a good sum of cash, he couldn’t help but agree. It was only the once, after all.


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