Clockwork & Old Gods, Book 1: Incursion

New Incursion CoverClockwork & Old Gods, Incursion is the first book in a series by Mark A. Sargent.

The Old Gods are gone. For a thousand years they have remained silent, no longer interfering in mortal affairs, leaving their creation to fend for itself. And fend for itself it has. As the Gods have lain silent magic has faded. Steam powered and clockwork technology has begun to slowly fill the gap, and many question whether they ever needed the Gods at all. Now they begin to stir again.

A dark rainy night, and a murderer is on the loose in the city of Marsten. For the Watch, ever vigilant protectors of Marsten, it is no ordinary crime. Runes have been drawn in the victim’s blood, magical inscriptions that call on unknown powers for an unknown purpose. To make matters worse the culprit is a Summoner – a rogue mage capable of conjuring and controlling demons. For the murderer, a man named Noman, it’s a living hell. He remembers nothing of his life before Marsten, and knows only that a malevolent voice is forcing him to pursue a sinister agenda. Meanwhile, a celebration of technological innovation draws inventors and technologists from across the continent to showcase their projects. Murder fueled magic races on a collision course with steam powered progress as Old Gods watch. As the conflict unfolds, Noman struggles to regain his past and wrest control of his future at the center of a plan that will save or damn the world.

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