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  • Writing a New-new Book

    For NaNoWriMo I put aside the alternate reality, time travel-ish scifi novel I’d been writing and started something completely new. While I didn’t hit the 50k word goal, I did get a great foothold on the story and a lot of worldbuilding in. For now I’m calling it Wyvern’s Wings, though as with most things…

  • Update! Querying and New Book In Progress

    Well, I haven’t posted much about that game that I mentioned in my last post, but rest assured there have been game sessions. I may even do some writeups here at some point. In other news, I have query letters out to agents for my fantasy western book Goyle Country. Here’s hoping somebody likes the…

  • I hate misplacing plot items

    Typing along on the Fantasy Western after a week or two of not writing because I had the plague, when suddenly… crap. Where did I leave the dynamite? I have to know where I left the dynamite. Plot cannot progress without knowing where the boomsticks are. Blergle.

  • Welp.

    Ah, having to delete 500+ words because you realized a thing you were doing was no longer possible because of a plot point many pages ago. Gotta love writing.

  • Slowly but surely

    Haven’t been writing as much as I’d like lately, work has got me a bit brain fried. But I am roughly five thousands words past the original ending, so there’s progress being made, slowly but surely.

  • Progress Update

    Say, how about an update? I’ve already caught up to the wordcount I had prior to axing the ending of the Fantasy Western, but I’m not quite done yet. Part of redoing the end was adding a bit more to certain subplot and character interactions. That’s going well, I think, and I’m trying not to…

  • Success!

    Well, the free book promotion seems to have been a success. 284 books given away! Including, oddly enough, three from this morning after I thought the promotion had ended. But hey, what’s three more free copies? Thanks to everyone who picked up a free copy or helped spread the word. I’m looking forward to seeing…

  • Remember That Fantasy Western?

    Well, I’m finally almost through re-writing. I just have the very end to redo, which is about 15 pages worth. I’m pretty much scrapping it entirely and going a different direction with it. Still, it’s just about there. Keep an eye out, because once I’m done I think I’ll ask for beta readers to read…

  • Short Fiction: Oh… hello

    Short Fiction: Oh… hello

    Dragon lairs were notoriously hard to get to. Mostly they nested in the mountains, but every once in a while they’d choose to take over the remains of an abandoned castle or an island in the middle of a lake somewhere. The one Cara was after had chosen, by all the signs she could find,…