National Novel Writing Month, 2013

So, with NaNoWriMo 2013 approaching I’m making ready my preparations. I’ve decided on a fantasy western. It’s an idea I’ve had kicking around for some time now, and writing my short fiction Lee’s Hollow was pretty fun.

So here’s the idea – Set in a fantasy world, the story will take place in an area analogous to the Wild West. That is, lots of distance between towns with rocky desert or prairie between and “wild frontier” beyond. That wild frontier is the Badlands, an area of towering rock formations and winding canyons that is home to a race of gargoyles.

Given that this is a fantasy world, magic is a real and important part of the world. Instead of a “wizard casts spells” approach, I’m taking a different approach. This world is filled with spirits that, when properly entreated by one who knows how, will carry out tasks in the form of spell effects. Thus, magic users in this world are called Spirit Talkers, because that’s literally what they do. There are friendly spirits and dangerous spirits, so magic is a risky business.

What I’ve got of the plot so far centers on a train robbery. An expedition goes out into the Badlands and comes back with something in a lockbox. They put it on a train and head back to civilization, only to be robbed on the way. The bandits take the lockbox and hightail it back into the Badlands, law enforcement hot on their trail.

What’s in the box? Why does everybody want it? Can our heroes (local law enforcement) figure it out before all this excitement riles up the gargoyles?

So there it is, at least what I have so far. I’ll be posting more about the characters, setting, magic, and etc leading up to November. What do you guys think? Any thoughts on a title?


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