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  • About DRM

    This is a bit of a rehash of something I talked about in my Protagonize guest post, but I figured it warranted its own time here. DRM DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It ostensibly protects a creator’s work from the dreaded scourge of internet piracy. Personally, I’m not a fan. Whether it’s copy protection of…

  • An Excerpt From Clockwork Book Two

    I’ve been working on the sequel to Clockwork & Old Gods over at Protagonize. Here’s an excerpt from that, a bit of mythological backstory and the most recent update: Aelar returned to the mortal realm in the body of a man, mortal flesh housing a divine being. He told us it was because of how…

  • Guest Post At Protagonize

    Hey guys, Nick over at Protagonize let me do a guest post on their blog! Go check it out. If you add a comment you’ll be entered to win a free copy of Clockwork & Old Gods. Adventures In Self Publishing