• Slowly but surely

    Haven’t been writing as much as I’d like lately, work has got me a bit brain fried. But I am roughly five thousands words past the original ending, so there’s progress being made, slowly but surely.

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  • Progress Update

    Say, how about an update? I’ve already caught up to the wordcount I had prior to axing the ending of the Fantasy Western, but I’m not quite done yet. Part of redoing the end was adding a bit more to certain subplot and character interactions. That’s going well, I think, and I’m trying not to…

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  • Progress?

    Welp, I’m over 5k words into rewriting the ending of my fantasy western. So far I think it’s going much better, but there’s still one subplot point I’m unsure about. Still, I’m keeping it in until I’m finished to see if it works. And then any beta readers I get can tell me if it…

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Mark A. Sargent, Clockwork & Old Gods