Working up a gameworld

I’ve been working on the setting for a Burning Wheel campaign I’m about to run and, honestly, creating the map has been just as fun all on its own. I thought I’d share some progress shots here, given that I may post a bit about the game just to get this old website moving again. This is all made using a free online map making tool called Inkarnate, and is nowhere near as cool as you can get when using it to its fullest extent.

First, the basic map:



I started off with a more or less random coastline, then added in the big island. I knew I wanted some hard geographic limits to the gameworld, hence the mountains right off the bat.

Next, fine tuning the landscape:


I added a bay/gulf thing and more mountains for flavor, then added rivers and finally forests alternating pine and leafy varieties. Yes, I know they have scientific names. No, I’m not using them.

Finally, and this took the longest, adding human kingdoms. Settlements, fortresses, roads, and farmland round it all out.



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