Update! Querying and New Book In Progress

Well, I haven’t posted much about that game that I mentioned in my last post, but rest assured there have been game sessions. I may even do some writeups here at some point.

In other news, I have query letters out to agents for my fantasy western book Goyle Country. Here’s hoping somebody likes the sound of a fantasy/western adventure mashup. Also, I’ve started work on a third book. This one is an alternate reality sci-fi story. I’m already on chapter three, with about 3200 words put in. Not too shabby, really. I’m aiming to have it finished before November so I can throw a fourth project at NaNoWriMo. I think I’m on track for that, but we’ll see how it goes!

Working up a gameworld

I’ve been working on the setting for a Burning Wheel campaign I’m about to run and, honestly, creating the map has been just as fun all on its own. I thought I’d share some progress shots here, given that I may post a bit about the game just to get this old website moving again. This is all made using a free online map making tool called Inkarnate, and is nowhere near as cool as you can get when using it to its fullest extent.

First, the basic map:



I started off with a more or less random coastline, then added in the big island. I knew I wanted some hard geographic limits to the gameworld, hence the mountains right off the bat.

Next, fine tuning the landscape:


I added a bay/gulf thing and more mountains for flavor, then added rivers and finally forests alternating pine and leafy varieties. Yes, I know they have scientific names. No, I’m not using them.

Finally, and this took the longest, adding human kingdoms. Settlements, fortresses, roads, and farmland round it all out.


I hate misplacing plot items

Typing along on the Fantasy Western after a week or two of not writing because I had the plague, when suddenly… crap. Where did I leave the dynamite? I have to know where I left the dynamite. Plot cannot progress without knowing where the boomsticks are. Blergle.


Ah, having to delete 500+ words because you realized a thing you were doing was no longer possible because of a plot point many pages ago. Gotta love writing.

Slowly but surely

Haven’t been writing as much as I’d like lately, work has got me a bit brain fried. But I am roughly five thousands words past the original ending, so there’s progress being made, slowly but surely.

Progress Update

Say, how about an update? I’ve already caught up to the wordcount I had prior to axing the ending of the Fantasy Western, but I’m not quite done yet. Part of redoing the end was adding a bit more to certain subplot and character interactions. That’s going well, I think, and I’m trying not to stretch the ending too far out. I’d like to keep this book shorter than the 170k-ish words that Clockwork & Old Gods ended up being. So far it’s sitting at just shy of 70k. That’s a whole hundred thousand words less! Good gods, that first book was a monster, wasn’t it?


Welp, I’m over 5k words into rewriting the ending of my fantasy western. So far I think it’s going much better, but there’s still one subplot point I’m unsure about. Still, I’m keeping it in until I’m finished to see if it works. And then any beta readers I get can tell me if it sucks or not. :p


Well, the free book promotion seems to have been a success. 284 books given away! Including, oddly enough, three from this morning after I thought the promotion had ended. But hey, what’s three more free copies? Thanks to everyone who picked up a free copy or helped spread the word. I’m looking forward to seeing what sorts of reviews this generates, good or bad.

And in the meantime, I’ve gotten the Fantasy Western (which stubbornly refuses to take on an actual title) nearly rewritten. Fourteen pages to go and then I’ll be asking people to beta read.

Remember That Fantasy Western?

Well, I’m finally almost through re-writing. I just have the very end to redo, which is about 15 pages worth. I’m pretty much scrapping it entirely and going a different direction with it. Still, it’s just about there. Keep an eye out, because once I’m done I think I’ll ask for beta readers to read through the whole thing and give me more feedback.

Also, this free book promo for Clockwork & Old Gods is getting some good results. 240 free copies have been claimed so far, which isn’t bad at all. I’m looking forward to getting some reviews out of it.

Free Book Promotion Is Live

Well, here it goes. The free book promotion on Amazon is live! Now through the 28th you can get Clockwork & Old Gods for free.